How To Care Mildly Duvet Cover Sets

After purchasing Mildly duvet cover sets, you probably come across this question: how to care this duvet cover set? At first, we need introduce you that we have two kinds of duvet cover sets: sateen cotton duvet cover sets and washed cotton duvet cover sets. So we need use two parts to introduce how to care.


Mildly Sateen Cotton Duvet Cover Sets

Sateen is known for its luxury look. Even though it is made of cotton, its woven the same way as satin is. That is the secret behind sateen’s shine and irresistible smoothness. The way cotton is treated before threading allows the properties to remain unchanged for years. A chemical process – called mercerization – makes the fabric more durable, and also allows absorbing dye better. As a result, your sateen duvet covers may feature incredibly deep colors that won’t fade for years, thus maintaining the luxury look.

 How To Care Mildly Duvet Cover Sets

Our top tip is to wash your cotton bedding before use, firstly, to remove any industrial smells, and secondly, to allow the material's natural fibres to shrink. We make all of our cotton duvet cover a teeny tiny bit too big to accommodate for shrinkage, but after the first wash, it should fit perfectly on your duvet or duvet insert. We recommend using a gentle less than 30-degree cycle as higher temperatures aren’t as friendly for the environment and can damage the item’s yarn, ruining its natural softness. 

Don't neglect this tip. Some customers complain that our duvet cover is bigger than true size, what is the problem? They did not wash before use, after the first wash, it should fit perfectly on your duvet or duvet insert. 

Most of our duvet cover sets are vividly coloured cotton bedding, try to avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight. Of course, short bursts while line-drying are absolutely fine, but if your bed is positioned under a window, we suggest covering it with a bed throw or rotating your bedding regularly.

Last but not least, zip duvet covers before washing: this makes your duvet cover easier to assemble and extends the life of zipper. If you want crisp look, you can iron it.


Mildly Washed Cotton Duvet Cover Sets

'Washed cotton' is a cotton material that has been pre-washed (also known as garment washed) to give it a relaxed, 'lived in' look. Cotton can be garment washed in a few different ways, but the most popular ways include using enzymes, pigments, chloride, and even stones.The process involves very large washing machines in which softeners are added to the garments to help relax the fibres and give that lovely soft feeling that would typically take many washes to achieve.

Garment washed cotton is softer than normal cotton, making it an ideal choice for bedding. Pre washing cotton washes the colour out slightly, giving the material an effortlessly stylish, vintage look. It won’t shrink or lose its shape. Pre-washed cotton doesn’t require ironing.

Most of our washed cotton duvet covers are reversible, so you can change up your look any time you like.

 How To Care Mildly Duvet Cover Sets

When you buy normal unwashed cotton duvet covers, you might notice that they are slightly stiff the first time that you use them. This stiffness will naturally go on its own after a few washes, but it will take a little while longer to become perfectly soft. Normal cotton also usually requires ironing after washing, as it can develop heavy creases which look messy. So if you are busy, choose our washed duvet cover sets, you do not need invest much time in caring them.