Mildly Washed Cotton Reversible Duvet Cover Has Been Featured By As Best Budget

As we keep providing our customers good quality duvet covers and warm hearted service, Mildly becomes famous day by day. Now many influencers on social media come to collaborate with us, even famous publications such as are willing to introduce our brand to their readers. Mildly Washed Cotton Reversible Duvet Cover has been featured by as Best Budget in The Best Duvet Cover Is a Personal Choice—Our Expert Narrows It Down.

Mildly Has Been Featured By

Mildly Has Been Featured By

On a budget? Go with this 100 percent cotton set by Mildly. It comes in several colors and is reversible with white on the back for added versatility. This duvet cover has corner ties to keep the insert in place, plus a hidden zipper closure on the bottom.

The material is pre-washed and shrunk for a soft feel and a better fit. We also appreciate that it comes in exact bedding sizes, which prevents a baggy look that happens when an insert doesn't quite fill its cover.

Expert Buying Tip

"Consider the back of the duvet cover as well. It can look great to dress the bed with a quilt or coverlet between the sheet and the duvet, with the duvet turned back…You can always fold the duvet in thirds if the back is not decorative."—Saana Baker, textile expert