Mildly Home Washed Cotton Reversible Duvet Set Review By

Britt Franklin, assistant shopping editor of today posted a review article named as This Affordable Amazon Find Helps Me Sleep Comfortably and Gave My Bedroom and Instant Makeover for Mildly Home Washed Cotton Reversible Duvet Set.

Mildly Home Washed Cotton Reversible Duvet Set Review By

Lately, I’ve been super into versatile bedding. I’ve looked into throw blankets that can be used as an extra layer for coziness, this pillow that can be firmer or softer by flipping it inside out, and I’ve had my eye on this quilt for a couple of months now. Surprisingly, what didn’t come to mind right away were reversible comforters and blankets — until a few weeks ago. I’ve been trying out this Washed Cotton Reversible Duvet Set from Mildly Home, and it’s a lightweight and snuggly find that’s a great fit for transitional weather (aka right now).

Mildly Home’s Reversible Duvet Set comes with a duvet cover and two matching pillowcases. It’s available in five colors — denim blue, pink, gray, green, and light blue — that can be flipped over to reveal white on the other side. The material is 100 percent washed cotton, which gives it a wrinkly, just-out-of-the-wash texture that’s similar to linen but much lighter. My bedroom tends towards warm, so it was nice being able to use my all-season duvet insert with this cover and not feel too hot throughout the night. One note: You’ll want to use a white or off-white duvet insert with this cover or else it’ll show on through the light side.

What I love most about Mildly Home’s duvet covers is that my inserts don’t slip down inside them. They have ribbon loops at each corner to attach to the comforter, and there’s a zipper closure instead of buttons. My comforter typically ends up bunched up around the bottom of the duvet cover after just a couple of nights, so I was surprised by how secure my comforter was inside both Mildly’s Reversible Duvet and the non-reversible Egyptian Cotton Duvet. (The latter is a fantastic pick if you want to go a little thicker than the washed cotton duvet. I have one in Moon Blue, and it’s gorgeous on my bed.)

With the Mildly Home Reversible Duvet Set, I can effortlessly change up the look of my bed just by flipping over my comforter! The full set retails for $66, which is less than you’d often pay for a single-color duvet cover on its own. With this reversible set, you’re kinda getting two for one, and then some!