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Mildly Home Brand Story

Who we are

Mildly is a textile brand dedicated to capturing one's heart and desires through a wide range of products. The inspiration behind the brand name "Mildly" is that we want to let our products touch the customer's heart and every design has its soul. We are committed to ensuring you spend less money to experience the positive change of products in life. At Mildly, we strive to raise our quality standard high and be a renowned global brand that positively impacts our customers' lives and improve their general well-being.

How we started

"I grew up in a large family with four siblings. Growing up, I watched my father work hard with the belief of making his family live a better life. He started his own business from nothing and built it through sweat and hard work. His concept of working hard while pursuing one's dreams is what inspired me to start Mildly. I believe that more families should feel the joy of life and the happiness of a family. Through our products, we seek to reiterate this belief and accentuate people's lives."

What we offer

Our mantra "thinking less feel more" is necessitated by our great desire to have our clients feel the impact of our products in their lives. People go through a lot in their day to day lives. When looking for high-quality products, most people tend to be put off by the astronomical price tags, which is a common feature. However, at Mildly, we think and see it differently. People want to experience a better life, and we are here to give it to them.

At Mildly, we pride ourselves on our wide range of textile products that are carefully and expertly designed with the latest innovations. We pass our products through stringent quality control measures to ensure that you enjoy our fine product collection. With over 250 copyrights of product designs, you are assured that our products will meet all your heart desires.

Our professional team of designers, which comprises at least thirty people, is determined to create the designs you are accustomed to and have come to love. Our state-of-the-art factory has been operational for over 24 years and has been churning out and bring the designs to life. Currently, we are operating in the USA, Canada, Japan, and Europe. We have also embraced e-commerce, and our products can be easily accessed from this official brand website & Amazon; and very soon, we will be launching on Wayfair.

At Mildly, we treat you, our customers, with kindness, dignity, and respect without exception, from the point you contact us to the time you place your order and check out, that gives an incredible human touch to our business. Shop with us today for the best quality products and a fulfilling experience like no other.

Business Phone:+86 17751325335
                              +1 (407) 487-8528

Business Hours: ‪Monday - Friday, 9am-6pm PST

Business Email: support@mildlyhome.com

Company Address: E District, Chuangang Industrial Zone, Chuanjiang Town, Tongzhou Disctrict, Nantong City, Jiangsu, CHINA 226314

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