Features Silk Pillowcase

Real Silk & Really Silky
Adopt 100% premium mulberry silk (22 momme 600 thread) for both side, it's super silky & breathable. Compared to other fabric pillowcase, this silk pillowcase can reduce friction by 44% so that considerably avoid your skin getting rubbed with rough fabric. This is the secret how socialite keep their skin in amazing condition.

Shiny Hair & Better Skin
It's well known that real silk contains 80% of nature protein and 18 kinds of amino acid, so it can considerably slow down the wrinkles arising by long term use of this silk pillowcase. This silk pillowcase is supler smooth & silky, it can also help you improve your hair condition, makes your hair looks shinny by reduce friction between your hair and fabric. Let's say goodbye to morning tangled hair.

Sleep Revolution
Super soft and breathable fabric can help you calm down & fall asleep sooner, refresh your body in miracle. You can imagine when you sleep with a soft cloud under your head, it's super soft, smooth, breathable & gentle, then you get rid of all kinds of anxiety and calm down soon, enjoy a sweet dream but not dream with sweat.

Hidden Zipper
The hidden zipper design allows easy fitting and secures the pillow overnight. You never need to worry about that the sharp metal zipper may hurt your skin.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
We promise a 30-days return and free replacement & a lifetime of free customer service. Any issue please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to assist you until you are satisfied.