Mildly Service

At Mildy, we're all about weaving dreams into reality. Specializing in textiles and design, we've got a powerhouse of a supply chain and production muscle. But here's the exciting part – we're not just about making exceptional products, we're also opening our doors to franchising opportunities. Join the Mildy family and tap into our vibrant network, where creativity meets craftsmanship and success is stitched into every thread.

Win-win Collaboration

Step into success with us! Dive into franchising opportunities with Mildy for a partnership that propels both parties forward. For inquiries, reach out to us at

Pattern Design

Are you deeply interested in floral designs within the home textile industry? Contact us via email at to explore your passion for pattern design.

After-Sales Support

IPurchased our brand's products on any platform? Have feedback or encountered any issues? You can contact us via email or the form below. We're committed to addressing any product concerns and welcome your valuable suggestions.


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